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Modular Hospital


Esse pacote de conteúdo será alimentado constantemente. Um novo modelo 3D aleatório será adicionado quase todos os dias por tempo indeterminado.

Quando um grande pacote for lançado, haverá uma pausa para descanso.

Se você gosta do meu trabalho e quer ver mais projetos sendo produzidos, ajude com sua contribuição, eu serei bastante grato e garanto que vai valer seu investimento.

Serão aceitos apenas uma quantidade pré-definida de usuários nesse projeto, ou seja, quando bater a meta de compradores, esse pacote será desativado e apenas os compradores terão acesso ao conteúdo já lançado e os próximos.

Os modelos 3D serão definidos por mim, mas você é livre para enviar alguma idéia, ou algo que você precise em seu projeto, dependendo da sua escolha, ela será produzida e disponibilizada para todos os membros do grupo.

Objetos e construções de todos os tamanhos serão disponibilizadas, peças modulares também estarão presentes.

Uso exclusivo para o Smile Game Builder. Para usar em qualquer lugar que achar necessário, adicione 5$ ao valor na hora de pagar.

Por favor não compartilhe os arquivos contidos nesse pacote de conteúdo, ajude-me a manter o trabalho sempre constante.

Alguns pagamentos não são confirmados automaticamente. Por favor não compre novamente, aguarde até que sua compra seja aceita. Se tentar comprar novamente o pagamento será duplicado, eu devolvo todos os pagamentos duplicados, mas por questão de segurança, aguarde.

Desde já agradeço por sua colaboração.

Algumas texturas utilizadas podem conter direitos autorais. Acesse os arquivos de informações contidas no pacote.


This content pack will be fed constantly. A new random 3D model will be added almost everyday indefinitely.

When a big package is launched, there will be a rest break.

If you like my work and want to see more projects being produced, help with your contribution, I will be very grateful and I guarantee that it will be worth your investment.

Only a pre-defined number of users will be accepted in this project, that is, when the buyers target is reached, this package will be deactivated and only buyers will have access to the content already launched and the next ones.

The 3D models will be defined by me, but you are free to send any ideas, or anything you need in your project, depending on your choice, it will be produced and made available to all members of the group.

Objects and constructions of all sizes will be made available, modular parts will also be present.

Exclusive use for Smile Game Builder. To use anywhere you feel necessary, add $ 5 to the amount when paying.

Please do not share the files contained in this content pack, help me to keep the work constant.

Some payments are not confirmed automatically. Please do not buy again, wait until your purchase is accepted. If you try to buy again the payment will be doubled, I will refund all duplicate payments, but for security, please wait.

I thank you for your collaboration.

Some textures used may contain copyright. Access the information files contained in the package.



"One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with photographs from Textures.com. These photographs may not be redistributed by default; please visit www.textures.com for more information."


Buy Now$40.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $40 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Terms of use!.txt 1 kB
#01-Tents.zip 338 kB
#02-Crates.zip 282 kB
#03-Pennants.zip 101 kB
#04-Wagon.zip 157 kB
#05-Poles-Signs.zip 661 kB
#06-Gravestones.zip 215 kB
#07-Industrial-01.zip 201 kB
#08-Industrial-02.zip 252 kB
#09-Industrial-03.zip 282 kB
#10-Cute-House.zip 374 kB
#11-Crystals.zip 568 kB
#12-Brick-Fence.zip 176 kB
#13-Mushroom-House.zip 1 MB
#14-Animated-Grass.zip 346 kB
#15-Plants-01.zip 422 kB
#16-Dead-Trees-01.zip 1 MB
#18-Trees.zip 505 kB
#19-Trees.zip 344 kB
#20-Trees.zip 422 kB
#21-Trees.zip 422 kB
#22-Butterflies.zip 242 kB
#14-Animated-Grass-(FIX).zip 225 kB
#23-Birds.zip 187 kB
#24-Sharks-(MAP-INCLUDED).zip 1 MB
#25-Tables.zip 136 kB
#26-Grape-Farm.zip 331 kB
#27-Props.zip 571 kB
#28-Apple-Farm.zip 381 kB
#29-Ancient-Pack-1.0(MAP-INCLUDED).zip 8 MB
#30-Treasure-Chest.zip 123 kB
#31-Underground-Tunnel.zip 309 kB
#32-Bridge.zip 151 kB
#33-Fishing.zip 647 kB
#34-Air-Balloon.zip 391 kB
#35-Mining-Machine.zip 752 kB
#36-World-Map(MAP-INCLUDED).zip 8 MB
#37-Modular-Chalet(MAP-INCLUDED).zip 1 MB
#38-Wooden-Fort.zip 386 kB
#39-Modular-Pipes.zip 923 kB
#40-Cannon.zip 257 kB
#41-Western-Pack-V1.0(MAP-INCLUDED).zip 43 MB
#42-Modular-Hospital-V1.0(MAP-INCLUDED).zip 12 MB
#43-Modular-Rune-Skill-Tree-(MAP-INCLUDED).zip 12 MB

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I tried to purchase this asset pack but an error occurred during the transaction, is there a way to contact you directly?

(I have been debited from my paypal)


Hello, don't worry, payments are accepted manually. I already accepted your payment, now you have access to the files. Thank you for buying.

tks ;)

Hallo. Ich habe das Infinity Pack gekauft. Betrag wurde von Paypal  abgebucht. Wie /wo kann ich das Pack herunterladen?

Hi, I don't understand what you mean.

I tried to buy this asset pack but something went wrong in the transaction, is there a way to contact you directly?

Hello. Some payments need to be accepted by me, I accepted manually. Make sure you have access to the files now.

Thank you for your purchase.

Thank you !

Hello I had the same error a few moments ago. Love your work hope we can solve this.


Hello. Your payment has been accepted. Try again. And thank you very much.

I was charged on my card but didn't get no assets?


just want to ask if there will be something like birds landing or maybe flying higher


The height is simpler to configure. Landing animation I have to do some tests, the SGB has some limitations of what can or cannot be used.