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Esse pacote inclui:

Coleção de Pacotes -  Ver! 
Pacote SCI-FI + Japonese Pack -  Ver!
Infinity Pack -  Ver!
Western Pack -  Ver!
Modular Hospital -  Ver!

( SCI-FI City Pack não incluído  )

Acesse cada link para saber mais sobre direitos autorais.

Você não tem autorização para distribuir de forma gratuíta ou comercial os arquivos contidos nesses pacotes. Eles são de uso exclusivo em seus projetos pessoais, sejam eles comerciais ou não-comerciais.

- Informação Infinity Pack e Western Pack - Uso exclusivo para o Smile Game Builder. Para usar em qualquer lugar que você achar necessário, adicione US $ 5 ao valor ao pagar.

Alguns pagamentos não são confirmados automaticamente. Por favor não compre novamente, aguarde até que sua compra seja aceita. Se tentar comprar novamente o pagamento será duplicado, eu devolvo todos os pagamentos duplicados, mas por questão de segurança, aguarde.

Algumas texturas utilizadas podem conter direitos autorais. Acesse os arquivos de informações contidas no pacote.


This package includes:

Package Collection - View! 
SCI-FI + Japonese Pack - View!
Infinity Pack -  View!
Western Pack -  View!
Modular Hospital -  View!

( SCI-FI City Pack not included )

Visit each link to learn more about copyright.

You are not authorized to distribute freely or commercially the files contained in these packages. They are for exclusive use in your personal projects, be they commercial or non-commercial.

 - Info Infinity Pack and Western Pack - Exclusive use for Smile Game Builder. To use anywhere you feel necessary, add $ 5 to the amount when paying.

Some payments are not confirmed automatically. Please do not buy again, wait until your purchase is accepted. If you try to buy again the payment will be doubled, I will refund all duplicate payments, but for security, please wait.

Some textures used may contain copyright. Access the information files contained in the package.


"One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with photographs from Textures.com. These photographs may not be redistributed by default; please visit www.textures.com for more information."


Buy Now$60.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $60 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Modular-Hanging-Garden-V1.0.zip 1 MB
Modular-Steampunk-BONUS.zip 3 MB
Modular-Futuristic-BONUS.zip 3 MB
Modular-Colonial-Animated-Grass-Flower-Patch.zip 247 kB
Terms JP Pack.zip 1 kB
Bonus-Locomotive.zip 564 kB
JP Pack Full - V1.0 + V1.1 All Files Fixed-UPDATE 1.zip 6 MB
JP Pack - Indexed Textures Colors 256.zip 3 MB
JP Pack V1.1.zip 2 MB
Files Fixed V2 - JP Pack.zip 1 MB
File Fixed.zip 21 kB
JP Pack V1.0.zip 5 MB
SCI-FI Pack - V1.0.zip 8 MB
Modular-Colonial-V1.0.zip 3 MB
Modular-Interior-V1.0.zip 4 MB
Modular-Ship-V1.0.zip 3 MB
Modular-Castle-V1.0.zip 1 MB
Modular-Mine-V1.0.zip 3 MB
Modular-Cemitery-V1.0.zip 901 kB
#01-Tents.zip 338 kB
#02-Crates.zip 282 kB
#03-Pennants.zip 101 kB
#04-Wagon.zip 157 kB
#05-Poles-Signs.zip 661 kB
#06-Gravestones.zip 215 kB
#07-Industrial-01.zip 201 kB
#08-Industrial-02.zip 252 kB
#09-Industrial-03.zip 282 kB
#10-Cute-House.zip 374 kB
#11-Crystals.zip 568 kB
#12-Brick-Fence.zip 176 kB
#13-Mushroom-House.zip 1 MB
#14-Animated-Grass.zip 346 kB
Terms of use Infinity Pack!.txt 1 kB
#15-Plants-01.zip 422 kB
#16-Dead-Trees-01.zip 1 MB
#17-Flowers-01.zip 423 kB
#18-Trees.zip 505 kB
#19-Trees.zip 344 kB
#20-Trees.zip 422 kB
#21-Trees.zip 422 kB
#22-Butterflies.zip 242 kB
#14-Animated-Grass-(FIX).zip 225 kB
#23-Birds.zip 187 kB
#24-Sharks-(MAP-INCLUDED).zip 1 MB
#25-Tables.zip 136 kB
#26-Grape-Farm.zip 331 kB
#27-Props.zip 571 kB
#28-Apple-Farm.zip 381 kB
#29-Ancient-Pack-1.0(MAP-INCLUDED).zip 8 MB
#30-Treasure-Chest.zip 123 kB
#31-Underground-Tunnel.zip 309 kB
#32-Bridge.zip 151 kB
#33-Fishing.zip 647 kB
#34-Air-Balloon.zip 391 kB
#35-Mining-Machine.zip 752 kB
#36-World-Map(MAP-INCLUDED).zip 8 MB
#37-Modular-Chalet(MAP-INCLUDED).zip 1 MB
#38-Wooden-Fort.zip 386 kB
#39-Modular-Pipes.zip 923 kB
#40-Cannon.zip 257 kB
#41-Western-Pack-V1.0(MAP-INCLUDED).zip 43 MB
#42-Modular-Hospital-V1.0(MAP-INCLUDED).zip 12 MB
#43-Modular-Rune-Skill-Tree-(MAP-INCLUDED).zip 12 MB

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I purchased through paypal and also got an error. I can prove the purchase if needed.


Thank you for buying. Your payment has been accepted, you now have access to all content.

Thank you!

Hi friend!

I had an older version of infinity pack (pre-western).  I can't access it anymore, though.  Is it because a new big package came out?

(I still have access to Japanese and sci-fi packs!)

Some access keys have been disabled, yours must have been removed by accident. Send me a message on Discord or Facebook.


Better idea, I'll just buy it >=)

I did get an error during payment, do you have to manually accept?  Or is there an error on my end?

Thank you very much. Yes, payments are accepted manually, you now have access to the content.

Good afternoon, 
I just purchased this through paypal, and I got an error page on Itch.Io but my paypal payment came through on my bank and email 

Account is dylancuvelier@hotmail.com 

I can provided picture proof of purchase as well if needed. 
Thank you

Hi, thanks for buying. Your payment has been accepted. You now have access to the files. Thanks!

Hi, may i ask you when can i download the pack please?

Hello, your payment has already been accepted. You can download it right now. Thank you for your contribution.

Thank you!


Hey there! I bought this up, and I was wondering when I would get access to it? Thanks kindly!

Thank you for buying. You have access to the files now.

Hey there, purchased the assets and it looks like the payment went through since I got a receipt from PayPal, but it told me that something went wrong and gave me an error code 201. It looks like you have mentioned that you have to confirm payments manually. Can you just let me know when you've confirmed payment/released assets manually? Thank you! 

Hello, yes, payments must be accepted manually. I just accepted your payment, now you have access to my projects. I hope you enjoy my work. Thank you so much.


Thank you so much! Assets look amazing.


This pack is awesome!  Thank you for the amazing work!    

Hi, I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for buying.

hi i just purchased this but got a error but it has taken the money


Hello, thanks for buying. The payment was accepted manually. You now have access to the content.

ah that great thankyou


Hi, I love your amazing work and have just purchased the Big Sale pack and am wondering how to download it all. Thank you.

Your payment has been processed. Thank you! I hope you enjoy.

Hola compré el pack y me arroja error, el pago no obstante me lo han cargado a la tarjeta a nombre de Amanda Prisxxxx que debo hacer?

Hello, payments are accepted manually. You now have access to content. Thank you!

(1 edit)

Do owners of this pack get access to the Western Pack? It should be part of the Infinity Pack that is included in this Big Sale Pack. If yes, I don’t see it on the list.

Hello, this package hasn't been released yet. Wait until the weekend.

I purchased this via PP and got the something went wrong thing too. Could you please accept the payment or whatever you need to do? Thanks!


Just purchased this. My PayPal has been charged, but it said something went wrong and I can't download the assets?

(2 edits) (+1)

Thank you. Great asset


Hello, payments must be accepted manually. You already have access to the purchased content. Thank you!


I just bough this. I paid using PayPal today 2 July 2020.   if you want i can email you proof, the payment is still pending so maybe you can verify this. Thank you.

Hello, payment has been accepted. Try again. Thank you for purchasing.

Great, thanks.

(2 edits) (+1)

I tried to buy this asset pack but something went wrong in the transaction. I tried to pay using PayPal and it works everywhere else. Is there something you can do? I've removed my card from PayPal until you've had time to fix it. Thanks!

Hello. Could you confirm the purchase email? I left a brief description in the ad, sometimes payment needs to be accepted before the download is released.


Best assets purchase ever!

Creator is very professional and helpful, not to mention that each model is awesome!

Highly recommended