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Eletric Fence:

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Inspired by several games, I present you my version of a SCI-FI mega city. I have dedicated my free time building this content pack exclusively for Smile Game Builder.

With this content pack you will be able to build diverse scenarios.

Check out some functions:

  • Modular parts: As everyone already knows, I am a fan of modular parts, I like to give the user the chance to be able to create their own constructions without relying on 3D modeling and all texturing work, and therefore, this function is present in this package.
  • 3D floors: Although it is more practical to create your maps with the standard floor of the SGB, your scenario will not be very pleasant due to the low image quality, it may be interesting in some cases, but not in all. In this content package, you will be able to build your floors with a superior quality, this is only possible by creating the floor with 3D mesh, you will have a little more work to do this, but the result is infinitely better. 3D floors are not mandatory, you can choose what you think is most appropriate in your project. In this same content package, there are some standard floors inherited from the old SCI-FI Pack and some new ones.
  • Neon Effect: This is certainly the most amazing effect of this content pack. Initially it would not be released, but as I am a very curious person, doing some tests, I ended up noticing that if I combined different types of colors and image modes, it would achieve an effect similar to that of neon. Your night maps will look more lively and interesting. Several objects have this effect, and almost all buildings have their special effects. To make this much more dynamic, each building has 5 types of colors, giving the user the possibility to create several maps with different colors. The neon effect will also appear on daytime maps, but the true neon effect will only be visible on nighttime maps.
  • Spaceships: As it could not be missing, space ships are also present in this content package. Each spaceship has 5 types of colors to further diversify your scenarios. Spaceships have smooth animations and also have a neon effect.
  • Lighting: Lighting effects give more life to any project, in this content pack you can light up your environment with some varied lampposts, each of which has a position. Combining some techniques, you will also be able to create some defective lampposts, causing them to be flashing randomly, giving that air of suspense on some maps.
  • Energy: To power your SCI-Fi mega city, you will have several ways to get energy, either with generators, solar energy, energy pole. In addition, you can store energy in giant batteries and connect to any building. If you have something of value and want to protect, rest assured, you will also have electrified fences.

These are the main functions that are present in the current project. But it doesn’t stop there, as with most of my projects, this content pack will be constantly updated indefinitely. Give your feedback and place orders, your ideas will make this package much more interesting.

Future updates:

As mentioned earlier, I’ll be releasing several updates for this content pack. I intend to launch weekly updates always focusing on centralized content, for example, the initial package is basically used to create external maps, but what about internal maps? The first major update is sure to be focused on the indoor maps. I also intend to launch exclusive maps for sewers, underground stations, abandoned factories and more.

This project has been paused, read this!

About Textures

Collection Texture packages by Philip Klevestav are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

No changes were made to the textures.

About payments

All payments are accepted manually, please buy and wait, do not buy twice, as payments will be doubled. All duplicate payments are declined and returned.

Questions or problems, send a direct message on facebook: Assets Smile Game Builder

You are not authorized to distribute freely or commercially the files contained in these package. They are for exclusive use in your personal projects, be they commercial or non-commercial.

Full image gallery in high quality - Click Here!

Attention: Read all description before buying, there will be no refund. This content pack has been canceled.


Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

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Hi I bought the package today, I am waiting for mail to download sci-fi package, thanks.

Hi, thanks for buying. Your payment has been accepted. Try again!




I took a walk through the assets and put up a small overview video, for anyone wanting to see more of this awesome pack!

Thanks my friend!

I paid this pack twice and a SCI-FI Pack + Japonese Pack - Smile Game Builder but i have nothing on my libraby ! Is that normal?

Hi, I sent you an email

Thank you


Hello again friend, I actually just read that you paused this, and wanted to share my thoughts.

I hope you'll consider selling again at the normal 35$ price, even if the pack cannot be updated again, your price is already very fair and worth it for all your hard work. I want to buy this for myself, and I definitely want to buy a copy for the jam winner (although it will be some time before I can).

After I get it, I want to do a video showing it off, knowing it won't be updated but I am sure there are a lot of people who would be willing to purchase this regardless.

I'm happy you have the job work now though, taking care of work and family is definitely priority!

Hello. It makes sense, I will reactivate the ad. I can send you an access key for you to deliver as a prize and you buy another one for yourself, you will already have 50% savings ^^. Send me a message on facebook.


Hey! I just paid for this fantastic City Sci-Fi pack! ....but, I got an error code? This is what it says:

We had an issue processing your payment

We're sorry about that. An error was encountered when processing your payment through our payment processor.

  • If your account has been charged please contact support with the payment code P-7409532 and we can resolve the issue.
  • If you have not been charged then you can try again.
  • For any other questions or issues please contact support.

I know you have to manually accept each payment so if that's all it is then I'll happily wait (the money have been transferred out of my account already so I *assume* that's what's going on?

I live outside the United States, so all payments need to be accepted manually into my account, it's a little bit of a problem that we have in itch. I accepted your payment, now your download has been released. Thank you very much for buying.


No thank you for your quick reply (and for putting out so many devlogs/updates!) This asset pack is quickly growing into something great so I'm glad to pay for it. I assumed the error msg was just the manual payment problem, but it's the first time I'm running into it myself here on itch.io so I didn't know for sure.

I had to make some changes to the itch, to prevent some buyers from asking for a refund after downloading all files, so now payments are no longer processed automatically. Now I have more work to check every day, but at least I have the security of not losing my work to someone who just wants to take advantage.

I'm glad you liked my work, this content pack will surely be the biggest one I've ever created, I've said it several times, but every time I manage to overcome myself. ^^

If you have any requests and are within my reach, please just send me.


YES!  The king has returned!

I'll support you when I can.  I definitely still owe you showcase videos.

Have you considered making a patreon?  Your work is perfect for that business model!

Thank you my friend, we share the same throne ^^. I have a patreon account, I received some donations right at the beginning, but after a while it didn't work anymore and I abandoned it. I will be happy to send you an access key if you want to make an exclusive video on your channel, just contact me on facebook. Anyway, any financial aid is welcome. Greetings from Brazil.


No need friend, I am planning on making a series of videos very soon for all of the packs, and will be purchasing the packs I don't have with my own patreon funds ^^

We are all trying to do what we love for a living after all!


Fantastic. 50$ may be a lot to some of us but I don’t mind, I’ll get this when I got my next paycheck!

As for ideas for future updates... I’d love to see more indoors models and one or two animated npc robots might be cool? Maybe a cleaning bot? Maybe a patrol (police/security) bot? Hm... what about something like an animated holographic picture to fit on top of the roofs of some building?

Thanks for message. This is just the starter pack, I will be working all week and will issue updates or fixes on Saturday. I intend to address as many ideas as possible within the SCI-FI world, indoor maps will certainly have special attention. I already have a hologram prototype, I'm running some tests. Yes, it may seem expensive for some people, but that value is included not only with the current package, which is already quite vast, but with all the possible updates that I can launch. I will not make a SCi-FI 2 package and will charge again. I will write down your ideas and work on them, thank you very much, keep contributing more ideas.


Thanks for your reply and hard work. I really respect that work ethic/morale of yours! 
As for another idea of something that would be cool (besides robots and holograms); Factory (Robot assembly line?) stuff... When I think "sci-fi dungeons", my mind always goes to different kinds of factories and storage facilities. Being able to build locations like that would really help us create a "full" game, in my humble opinion. Also, what about interior designs for making some kind of futuristic dance club, or bar? That would be cool to. As would interior assets to make different types of shops (but I'm guessing you've already thought of that).

Okay, that's enough of me. I'm going to shut up now until I've actually bought the pack (which I am going to do, for sure). Keep up the good work!


We share the same ideas, this is great, I have all these things in mind that you mentioned. This week's update will add dozens of new features, next month I'll be on vacation, I'll dedicate all that free time to put into practice all the ideas I have in mind. I want to create a content package as complete as I can. Thank you, and keep submitting your ideas.


It'd be interesting if you could do a sci-fi monster pack that would compliment this also, like mechs, cyborgs, mech type animals maybe. There's nothing like that for SGB so it'd be a first and surely would sell along with this pack just as easy. I am aware though things take time, and your short of that from day to day, so it's more of just an idea for you to think about for now. Any hows, good luck with the rest of this pack.


Yes, this is the initial package, I have many ideas in mind, I intend to address different areas of the SCI-FI world. Keep sending your tips. Thanks.


wow nice.. is this part of the infinity pack.. ?

Hello, unfortunately not. This is a much larger content pack that is not included in the infinity pack. Sorry..


That's np, I gathered it wouldn't be due to your planned weekly releases for it. Just useful information for others to know also. :)